Volunteer With Us

Do you find yourself asking “What can Ikids do to help”?

  • Time

We have many tasks that need done, so if you have the TIME then you would be a valued addition to our team!
From helping with design, to writing proposals, to finding pictures for the cause we always have a need for more help. Contact us for a up to date list of tasks so you can find one or more that best fits your time and abilities!


  • Money

Of course, one of the best ways to help our cause is to donate! By donating to a small non profit you are guaranteeing that your money goes straight to the heart of the problem. We do not have large administration fees or legal hoops to jump through, we are versatile, and able to respond quickly to changing needs on the ground. You can DONATE HERE


  • Eventsbakesale

We will be holding local fundraising events in Connecticut and Florida – Contact us for an upcoming schedule!


  • On Shore

We have a small group of motivated, trained volunteers going to the shore of Lesvos, Greece in April, 2016. We will have members of our team there from April 15th-July 15th, Possibly longer if funds continue. If you are interested in volunteering, contact us about a travel budget and to check availability.