About Us

Who We Are

We are a young group of adventurers who have gained perspective from our travels and the people we have met. We share a common goal- to eliminate the unnecessary suffering of those trying to reach safety from persecution. We are self starters, who are determined to help eliminate xenophobia through education and the art of telling stories. Most importantly we consider our selves citizens of the world, meaning that we pride ourselves on our wide world view, our tolerance and acceptance of other cultures and religions, valuing all human life, and realizing that before all else.. we are all human.

Meet the Team

  • Alex South: Raft guide, Professional traveler

A founder, Alex facilitates meetings, plans travel, creates events and will be assisting us on shore in April, 2016.

  • Mariah House: EMT, Raft Guide

Our medical professional who has been in charge of contacting potential corporate donors, assisting us on shore in April, 2016.

  • Jenny Rhode: Bartender, Raft guide, Adventurer

A team member who has helped planned our travels, has contributed many hours to fundraising and logistics, and will be assisting us on shore in April, 2016.

  • Kaitlyn Chasse: Part time mermaid, Raft guide

A founder of the organization, Kaitlyn is in charge of our Hartford, TN events. She is a raft guide in the area, and is in charge of planning concerts, local events and raising awareness in the community.

  • Andy Hoagland: Author, Raft guide, Outdoor adventure king

Our writer and dreamer. Andy assists us in many ways, always full of ideas and planning our video releases weekly. Andy is a published author, who now lives in Las Vegas, NV and is helping us raise awareness in that community.